Unearth My Worth

Sculpting the statue hidden inside the stone


Unearth My Worth was designed with the aspiring student in mind. More often than not, brilliant students dream of the big-name schools–MIT, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, among others–but get disillusioned by the arduous application process and the certain volume of competition. In their minds, these students undermine their own talent and hard work and convince themselves that getting in is astronomically difficult. Worse, to circumvent disappointment altogether,  they elect not to apply.

Danielle Issa has made it her mission to reverse this trend, to bridge the gap, so to speak, in order to ensure that no student’s dreams are dashed because of ignorance, misinformation, or discouragement from peers. Danielle was a graduate student in mechanical engineering at MIT ’09, earning a perfect grade point average and completing world-class research that won her acclaim in the entire MIT community.

She served as an ambassador for MIT and the Arab Student Organization by traveling through North Africa and the Middle East, in 2009 and 2011, respectively, to speak to students and enlighten them about applying. Her talks spanned the nitty-gritty of the application process–how to present oneself as the irresistible candidate–as well as topics such as financial aid, Visas, the real deal once you’re in, and nurturing a social life to temper the academics.

Today, her agenda is to inspire students to apply to the best schools by demonstrating that nothing is out of reach and that many others who have gone before have succeeded with flair. Danielle hopes to stimulate the number of applications from the Arab region to first-rate schools, which she is confident will translate to a stronger presence of Arab young people abroad!


How to Navigate This Site:

For a description of services and to get in touch with Danielle, visit Unearth Me.”

For informative articles, advice about applying, and narratives of Danielle’s own collegiate journey, visit News and Views in Academia.”

For authoritative texts on applying to top schools, visit Resources.”

For more about Danielle and her qualifications, visit “About” and Testimonials.”

For a taste of Danielle’s writing finesse, visit “Fun Pages.”


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